Cardi is thankful! #GRAMMYs...

Cardi is thankful! #grammys

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вoraнae💜 @gisoo_hp

Awww I love her muchhhhh

T A L O S ™ @taltreistaru

@simplybrooklynn96 and how many ghostwriters QUEEN Nicki Minaj have? ZERO. NOTHING. SHE TALENTED IN CONTRAST TO THAT BTCH

J E S U S_S I L V A @_silva2k22_

@_moneyyoungmoney been done already 🤷🏽‍♂️

mike @mrmik6 stop hating!

mike @mrmik6

Queen cardi well deserved😍🙌💃

Zasf08 @zasf08

@adhiraj_kainthla it dont matter... the point made was "BECAUSE Cardi have ghost writers, she doesn't deserve a grammy".... if we going off of THAT REASONING... Beyonce dont deserve 1 for best album either... now grammy for best singer maybe yea

benjamin boykin @benjamin.boykin

Your are a beautiful women,just stop cussing its not making beautiful okay😎🙏please👌

Hwag Yeji @hobxii

@taltreistaru Just like you

Hwag Yeji @hobxii

@mrmik6 No one hating.

Rida Al-Hamwi @ridal7amwi


Andrés valdes @angel_acv


Andrés valdes @angel_acv


Andrés valdes @angel_acv


Ma Siré @masire09


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