Did Simmons wrong 🤦‍♂️😂 (Via ‪TJDhoops‬/Twitter)...

Did Simmons wrong 🤦‍♂️😂 (Via ‪TJDhoops‬/Twitter)

Logan Palmer @loganp122

@bramblescramble13 @chance_crosby Damn

Brandon Gerbeshi @brandonsg13

That’s his normal defense

Brandon Gerbeshi @brandonsg13

He was in the paint for 13 SECONDS how was there no call

Kenyon DeAndre Gordon @kennygordon1

@fulton_14 that’s how you guard that nigga on 2k 😂😂😂

McAlister Smith @mcalistersmith15

It's not disrespect its basketball IQ

Darren Mahi @dmahi_mahi

Only in 2k.. I counted 10 seconds

BennyBlancoo @drip_expensive_

Basically 🖕🏽 you lol

Champ @iamoneofone


Josh 🇺🇸 @lefty_shooter3482

@iamoneofone Lol yeah I saw this, knew he wouldn't shoot

Eli Rusch @e_rusch18

10 seconds in the lane

Benjamin Frølander Vammen @benjaminvammen

That’s a 3 sec violation isn’t it?

OvO Records @shoutoutlilpump

He destroying his confidence

MoneyMan Mitchiee #2121 @1moneymanmitchiee

So ig tha 3 seconds in the paint rule don’t apply to him

m @mgonzojr

LeBron was in that paint for 8 seconds...

Trey Tenney @trey_tenney

Isn’t that a defensive 3 second violation? Hahahahaha.

Zac Trejo @zactrejo

Dude thats like an off 5 minute violation


Give Ben some time that will be a must defend 3 pointer 🔥 Trust the process Philly Vs Everybody @sixers


@lethalshooter faith is real lol. But without work, is dead

Nick Wayne @nickdewayne

You can't leave ME that wide open