Who had the better dunks in 2016, Zach LaVine it Aaron Gordon? (Vids via @matthewhorvitz)...

Who had the better dunks in 2016, Zach LaVine it Aaron Gordon? (Vids via @matthewhorvitz)

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Kofi @boyboy_x_

@twotalk_ The Real Question: Which dunk takes more skill? My vote Zach Lavine

🖤🦍Hollywood🦍🖤 @hollywood.snow

@sosa.emman yes we do Aaron gordon sat in mid air about 7 feet high and did a behind the head clutch under the leg baseline reverse and when i go back and watch still to this day i feel like i seen lavine do the same duck 4 or 5 times

Cursed4L @mayyy__

@sosa.emman a half step from the freethrow but Gordon dunks was just as difficult and way more creative he was robbed🤷🏽‍♂️

Najee De-Tiege @najeedetiege

@ligmanutzzz_ haha all yall funny 😆🙌🏼

NBA Memes @dunkaholicc

Best dunk contest ever

Saige wolfe @saigedubw

Aaron got robbed Zach did the same dunk 3 times


Dunk contest always better in toronto 💯💯

CLF @mr.clif

They were neck and neck but Lavine edged it for me. That under the leg from right inside the freethrow line is ridiculous

CLF @mr.clif

@sosa.emman Truuuu! He caught an alley from the freethrow, did a windmill from the freethrow and that under the leg from right inside of it. Sheeeeeeesh

CLF @mr.clif

@theodore_11 who tho?

CLF @mr.clif

@brucemamba.ig iggy was robbed

Theodore @theodore_11

@mr.clif it’s plenty in my opinion such as the guy that jumped over shaq head during NBA All Star Weekend could jump from the same spot as Zach along with a few others that was in this year NBA All Star Weekend game b/c between the legs is common nowadays in my opinion but it is a video of a guy that attempted between the legs and threw it over his back caught the ball and almost dunked it 😳 now that was unbelievable but the video is out


@kofi_x_ how does that take more skill 😂😂

Kofi @boyboy_x_

@gfk.hamza you’ve never dunked on a 10ft goal and it’s showing


@kofi_x_ i’m 6’1 and dunk all the time try again it always be the people that can’t touch rim that think everybody else is like them

Kofi @boyboy_x_

@gfk.hamza lol headass

FUTCRIC⚽️🏏 @fut.cric

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CLF @mr.clif

@theodore_11 naw. I dont think Diallo (jumped over Shaq) or Maxwell Pearce (video guy) can do that yet. He took off from damn near the freethrow line. Earlier in the contest he did a whindmill from the freethrow thats craaaazy.

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