Depois da salada, uma passadinha pra fazer uma gordice de qualidade 😅😋...

Depois da salada, uma passadinha pra fazer uma gordice de qualidade 😅😋

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Edson Cesar Napoleao @napoleaoedsoncesar


Juliana Soares @jujupsoares

@luadv2014 ❤️❤️

MARIO_ALVES OFICIAL 👽 @mariio_alves

. T O P 🔥💎💢🔥 💎🔥💢🔥

Scottie @scottie1966

Your such a cutie

Anderson GBN @andersongbn353

Lindaaa em gata 👏❤😍😍😍😍

Jeremy Lush @lushfmx


Jeremy Lush @lushfmx

Que sorriso mais lindo e carismático que você tem hein amor.

Juan C Arango E @juarangos

I do not wish you a wonderful year where everything is good. That is a magical, childish, utopian thought. I wish you to be encouraged to look at yourself, and to love yourself as you are. That you have enough self-love to fight many battles, and the humility to know that there are impossible battles to win for which it is not worth fighting. I wish you can accept that there are realities that are unchangeable, and that there are others, that if you run from the place of the complaint, you can change. Do not allow yourself the "I can not" and that you recognize the "I do not want". I wish you to listen to your truth, and to say it, with full awareness that it is only your truth, not that of the other. That you expose yourself to what you fear, because it is the only way to overcome fear. That you learn to tolerate the "black spots" of the other, because you also have yours, and that cancels the possibility of claiming. That you do not condemn yourself for being wrong; you are not almighty. That you grow, until where and when you want. I do not wish you this new one brings you happiness. I wish you to be happy, whatever the reality that you live. _ That happiness is the way, not the goal._ " 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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