Rondo did it!!!...

Rondo did it!!!

Don Juan Dom @theonlysaucegotti

But flexing on the team that gave you your first & only story bro 👍🏼

Dom Kern @domkern_12_

Did what 🤷🏻‍♂️

(215) but,elsewhere,most times @mello.md43

And the Sixers smash the Lakers, and you have nothing to say about it🤔

Juan Estrada @juan_n_only562

Stephen always trashing people, but the first to give praise and act like it’s cool


He made one shot off a lucky bounce and everybody goin crazy

marko @kingmmo

Thought shot eh

Chadwick Bartee @bartee1019

So Ohio state QBs a runner huh? Lol guess after u make big money dont bother doing homework anymore

cody harding @codyharding235

Stephen A it’s all because he did it against the Celtics and you and Max stay hating against everything New England


Stephen A, forget all ur stats on Luke, It's time for Lameduck Luke Walton to go ASAP. Luke don't know how to match the chemistry of the players or knows how to WIN like ur brother. Since Magic is a BOSS, Jeanie B should offer him to trade in the business suit temporarily while still being Pres of Operations for the Coach position after the All-Star Weekend to get us to the finals, which ALL Players respect MAGIC & this move. Jeanie B needs to stop Fu*** playin & go to Marina Del Ray to work her mojo to bring back Phil Jackson, to continue Dr Buss winning Laker Championship winning legacy. I'm just saying. You see the young players immaturity mix w/seasoned Vets plan IS NOT WORKING. Lakers needs to sign Lebrons bff Dwade, Carmelo for Vet minimum & be like Nike & JUST DO IT. You can't teach Dwade/Lebron chemistry to newbooty players in their feelings about being traded. :

david pak_gcg @pakman_gcg

Fuck the Celtics

Terrell Opps Estate🉑 @president_denzel

The Vibe feel the Final 5 Champion..Ronjo winning shot

Danny🤯. @tfb.danny

aye stephen a smith can you get on all these critcs saying lakers are in trouble of not making the playoffs or being good enough! before all the injures the lakers were in 4th close to making a run at possibly 2nd! once fully healthy the lakers will be back trust me on that💯

Keem 💸👋 @_time2eat

It’s crazy how you say Jordan had that clutch gene coming in the league if he had why didn’t he take his team to the finals

floe swagner @hudson_.k

How does making a mid range jumpshot remind you hes a champion

P @_pietch

This guy rondo murdered Chris Paul grandfather